Snorkeling with Nature Island Dive

Based in the Marine reserve, we are a short drive – or even a short walk! – from some of the best snorkeling sites on the island.

You can rent Snorkeling Gear from us and head out on your own adventure. Or take a Guided Snorkeling Trip aboard our boat, led by one of our knowledgeable Snorkeling Guides.

Nearby Snorkeling Sites

Rent your gear and go!

  • Scotts Head Beach & SH Point
  • Gallette
  • Champagne Reef

Guided Snorkeling Trips

Minimum of 4 or more persons required for Boat trip.

  • Boat Trip to Scotts Head Snorkel Sites
  • Boat Trip to Champagne Reef & Bubbles

Group Trips

We love group snorkeling trips!

Thanks for the visit Clemson University.