Scuba Diving and COVID Protocols at Nature Island Dive


We at Nature Island Dive are concerned for your safety and ours.

Keeping in line with our philosophy, we have established procedures for keeping us all as safe and healthy as possible.  

Protocols for Vaccinated Travellers

Vaccinated travellers must follow certain protocols, but do not have to quarantine if they have the appropriate documentation and negative test upon arrival at DOM Airport.

See full details on the Government of Dominica’s COVID 19 website



What is the “Safe in Nature” Program?

Dominica’s Safe in Nature Program was established to help visitors enjoy activities in Dominica while remaining in a “Tourist Bubble” to keep both visitors and Dominica citizens as safe as possible.

Under this program, you can stay in a COVID-Certified accommodation and visit Nature Island Dive (a COVID-Certified Watersports Operator) to go scuba diving during your mandatory days of quarantine.

Transportation to and from our Dive Center is on COVID-Certified Taxis only. During this time, guests are not permitted to visit any local establishments. Your experience is managed to maintain the safest possible environment for all.

Our beautiful garden area allows guests to sit outdoors in an open-air environment. We have three distinct sittings areas for guests to  enjoy the fresh air and sunshine!

How Can I Participate in “Safe in Nature”?

Anyone can take advantage of the “Safe in Nature” Program!

Simply request it when you contact your COVID-Certified Accommodation to make your booking. Tell them you want to go diving with “Safe in Nature” at Nature Island Dive!

What our guests are saying about the "Safe in Nature" Managed Experience


See what Theresa has to say about her Safe in Nature Experience in November 2020




"Safe in Nature" Guest Theresa at Nature Island Dive & Jungle Bay

Great time! Great dives with Von and Capt Rockhind. Fabulous staff – Bernisa and Simon (Boss). Merry Christmas! Keep safe.

Angelica Litteken

Safe in Nature Guest, 3rd December 2020

Thank you! I was nervous but I feel great now!

Hannah Gaverta

Safe In Nature Visit, 13th December 2020

At 52 minutes, best dive of my life –*

Paul Francis

Safe In Nature Visit, 23rd December 2020

Than you for the fantastic, fun, safe and beautiful adventure below the sea in stunning Dominica!

Jeanette Grant

Safe in Nature Visitor, 31st December 2020


Simon and his wife Wendy were the best! Nature Island Dive is by far the best dive shop on the island. They are extremely knowledgeable, care immensely about creating a safe and adventurous diving environment no matter your dive experience and also they care about ocean life and coral health. My husband and I are honeymooners on this island, and we were able to dive at 2 different shops. Because of the “safe in nature” quarantine, our initial dive was completed at another dive shop on the island. We left our first dive day disappointed by the quality of the dives, and decided to seek out another shop for our second dive day. We found Nature Island Dive and they really blew the other shop out of the waters. They were easy to communicate with, and transparent about what to expect given the weather conditions. Additionally, the staff was friendly and hospitable, extremely passionate about diving, and all of them have been diving since a the 90s (so very experienced!). The equipment was in good condition and they sized us properly in our wet suits. Also!!! They have a little coffee/food cafe in the shop and my husband and I both had a lion fish sandwich that they make in house. IT WAS AMAZING! I felt a little seasick following the dive and the staff immediate made me some ginger tea and I felt back to normal in no time! Post dive, my husband and I hung around the shop for another hour just chatting with the staff and they were in no rush, and took time to get to know us. We enjoyed our interaction with them very much. If you’re looking for a dive shop that is professional, safe, knowledgeable, cares about the oceans and friendly. This is your place! If we ever find ourselves back in Dominica this is the shop we will dive with again! And we would recommend them to anyone!


NID Visitor, June 2021

Excellent in every respect. World class diving and a super friendly, talented and passionate team. Don’t forget to order a lion fish burger


NID Visitor, May 2021

I cannot say enough about how amazing our trip was. We were a group of 12 with 9 experienced divers and 3 non-divers. We stayed for 10 days at Jungle Bay Resort and did 16 dives with Nature Island Dive. Amazing staff! Simon, Wendy, Vaughn, Naz, and Joy were all great to work with. Reef is incredibly healthy and beautiful. Lots of life and diversity. I saw at least 10 things I’ve never seen before. DM’s were great at spotting macro. Boats are spacious and functional. Shop area is nice for surface interval.

I would rate this as my new favorite location. I’ve been to 28 countries and this trip was the best organized and offered the most for divers and non-divers.


Safe in Nature Visitor, April 2021

As a tourist in Dominica during these strange times, I was thrilled when I heard that Nature Island Dive was operating and able to provide “safe in nature”/COVID approved tours. I was impressed not only by their stringent sanitation standards, but their willingness to ensure that the whole process was as safe as can be. Simon, the owner, is an awesome guy. Great to talk to, extremely experienced, and brilliant. My diving instructor, Desi, was able to make my first dive as exciting, easy, and enjoyable as I could have ever imagined. She truly went above and beyond in every way, and her 27+ years of practice pay dividends with her instruction techniques. You can tell that everyone at Nature Island Dive has a true passion for everything related to being underwater, and they love sharing that passion with their clients. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.


Safe in Nature Visitor, 18th January 2021

COVID Procedures

Meet & Greet Protocols

When we welcome you to Nature Island Dive, you will be asked to sanitise your hands before entering the dive shop.

We will provide clean (disinfected) pens for filling out your paperwork and then explain our specific procedures to you.


Scuba Gear Sanitization Procedures

Disinfection Procedures

All Equipment used by divers, snorkelers or boat passengers is disinfected after use and then hung up to thoroughly dry. In particular, the following equipment is ALWAYS disinfected before re-use.

  • Regulator mouthpiece (primary and secondary)
  • Snorkel
  • BCD oral inflator
  • Mask



Disinfection Solution

Our equipment is disinfected with solution based on the following recommendations by Divers Alert Network DAN) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

When using bleach, we use gloves, mask, and eye protection to mix the solution Our solution is mixed in a well-ventilated area using cold water, as hot water can decompose the active ingredient.

The CDC recommends a solution of 1/3 cup bleach per gallon of water (22mL bleach per L water) with a soaking time of 1 minute for hard, nonporous surfaces. This relatively weak 2% bleach solution and short contact time should not cause damage to scuba regulators


Public Spaces

Our Dive Shop Staff maintain good hygiene by washing hands frequently and regularly and by disinfecting high-touch areas (including fill stations).

Our bathroom door has a handle that makes it easy to open using your elbow –  minimising hand contact with public surfaces.


More Information

For further details about the Safe in Nature Program, download the Official PDF below.

Official Brochure Dominica’s Safe in Nature Managed Experience (PDF)