Where to Stay In & Around Soufrière


Nature Island Dive Apartment
Two Rooms & Self-Catering Kitchen
Right on the grounds of the Dive Shop!
Contact us to book your stay!

Soufriere Guest House
Single, Double, and Dormitory-style Rooms & Self-Catering Kitchen
website – http://soufriereguesthouse.com/
email – info@soufriereguesthouse.com

Rodneys Wellness Retreat
Cottages, Camping, Restaurant
website – http://rodneyswellness.com/
email – relax@rodneyswellness.com

767 Ecolodgic
Rooms, Self-catering kitchen
website – AirBNB
email –

Opening in 2019

Soufriëre will be welcoming several new hotels in early 2019, including:


More Activities in Soufrière

Explore the Soufrière Area

  • Bubble Beach Spa
  • Historic Site atop Scotts Head Point
  • Hikes – Self-Guided & Hiking Tours
  • Freediving!

Soufrière Activities